Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Just a few more pics.

Erma Bombeck was right! The grass IS greener over the septic tank! This is by my parents' house but makes me laugh everytime I mow over it. 

 The view up the hill is changing! Can you see the house growing there? It looks so tiny for all the work so far but it's in there. The top of that little wall will be my front porch.

 The squashed seat in the farm truck that makes it hard to get in and all too easy to fall out.

More pitcher plants. I love how their flowers look like tomatoes before they open.

A few rose bushes on the berm in front of the knoll. One of them I bought the day my first niece was born and the other was given to me by a couple who wanted to thank me for something I got to do for them. I love roses. I think that little berm may end up entirely roses.

Lazarus in front of the old house with the first moving load. I loved this house so much!

That's all for now. I am too tired from shoveling and leveling and plumbing to write tonight so I thought I'd share a few more pictures. I promise words next time! Goodnight!

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